Pasta Craze is a new concept in casual dining, and our formula is simple. Consider this our mission statement:

Built to Order: we bring you the best recipes from around the world and use only the freshest ingredients. A large selection of pasta and a wide assortment of amazing sauces allow for a delicious variety of creative and fun combinations, prepared just for you, just the way you like it.

Built Fresh: Everything we cook is in the "homemade" mentality. As if your mama made it! No preservatives. Quality key ingredients from around the world, and your past is custom built the way you want it.

erotik shop erotik shop erotik shop erotik shop erotik shop erotik shop erotik shop Built Affordable: Our goal is to offer you a delicious, satisfying, warm, home-cooked meal for an affordable price.

How do we do it?
In order to provide you food with the above qualities, and yet keep it affordable, our mission was simple. Put all our resources, and all our efforts, into the food itself. No national marketing program. No expensive furniture. Every penny goes into the ingredients and food quality, and we hope our customers notice and appreciate it, come back, and tell others.

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